Meet Jimmy Bradley, as a founding member of The Mass Ave. Project Jimmy’s Integrity and altruism is untold.  Jimmy stops at nothing to extend a hand to everyone around him.  Being a drug addict himself for fifteen years he understands the importance of remembering exactly how it was to insure he never comes of better than anyone he encounters, and it shows.  Jimmy got sober himself on April 1st, 2015 and has maintained his sobriety since that day.  Being the father of two, has opened his eyes to the true meaning of selflessness.  Jimmy is a certified recovery coach, certified family focused interventionist, board member of Solutions over Sickness nonprofit, facilitator of support groups, detox placement specialist, owner of sober living home, as well as the owner of a treatment center. Jimmy stated that he was once told “It’s not just God’s love for us, but our love for each other that paves the way for miracles,” and that is the type of energy he would like to bring to The Mass Ave. Project.